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Arcadia Ceramic Coating - Easy enough for the weekend warrior and  for the professional valeter or detailer it keeps your costs down and margins up. No detailing scene tax or extra costs for shipping in from overseas...it's made right here in the UK.  When training detailers on ceramic coatings the most...

Arcadia Ceramic Coating - Easy enough for the weekend warrior and  for the professional valeter or detailer it keeps your costs down and margins up. No detailing scene tax or extra costs for shipping in from overseas...it's made right here in the UK. 

When training detailers on ceramic coatings the most common issue we find people struggle with is levelling - the process of removing excess coating, leaving a streak free finish. With Arcadia, much like with all of our products, ease of use is important to us.

Ceramic coatings used to be very much an enigma. They were hard to spread, quick to flash off, difficult to level perfectly and you would have to keep checking throughout the curing process with lots of different lighting to be sure you hadn't left any high spots. They were almost exclusively used by professionals due to the finicky nature. If you did leave high spots you would often need to chemically level or remove the coating and reapply or if left until after full curing it could need sanded or at least compounded off. Not a forgiving style of product to use at all.

And that's just the basics, you also had to have much more control of your environment. Dust control, not just heat but humidity. professional lighting, sometimes even IR lights to accelerate curing. Even using the wrong types of heating in your unit could increase humidity and make application and removal more difficult and increase the likelihood of "blooming"* causing the need for multiple checks throughout the curing process.

*moisture in the air causing the coating to sweat.

Modern ceramic coatings such as Arcadia however, are infinitely more user friendly. Advances in formulation have led to easier application and removal, less control required in terms of conditions, faster curing while still being an extremely hard and durable coating. 

When we work on these products they are designed with lots of goals in mind but one firm question that defines whether we think it's worth releasing yet or working more on formulation. And that question is, would I want to pick it up when detailing in the workshop myself? In our years detailing we have tried countless coatings and spent years training detailers to use them. We know where people are most likely to go wrong, we know where they struggle and we have made our best efforts to simplify it. We need to be able to use it all the time, it can't make life harder. In fact it should be working for the detailer, increasing profit with minimal effort and without compromising on the goal of being a truly dependable, single use, one layer and done, pleasantly easy to use, ceramic coating.

Well, we think it does it all!  Without breaking the bank Arcadia ceramic coating will deliver professional level results, and it's not much more complex than waxing. Just a few extra steps and a bit more methodical. 


How to apply it:

1. Panel Wipe: After prep and polishing, to remove oils and polish residue you need to use a Panel Wipe product. Spray liberally all over the panel until wet then lightly buff with a clean microfibre towel, flip over or use a fresh towel to buff until it begins to evaporate.

This can even be done twice if you want to be cautious, we always panel wipe twice.

2. Preparation: lay out everything you need in a clean work area, once you get started you don't want to have to stop and start. You will need your Arcadia ceramic coating, some form of applicator (suede and block/microfibre/etc) at least three clean microfibre towels, I prefer low pile and edgeless (click here - only £1.50 each).

In an ideal world/unit environment it's best to aim for low humidity, around 15 degrees celsius and as dry and dust free as possible...but it doesn't need to be bang on. Slightly adjusting timing can compensate for some factors (feel free to call/email and ask more).

3. Application: Shake the bottle well before use, ensure no crystals that have cured can be transferred to your applicator by wiping them off. Pour more than you think you'll need first time to prime your applicator and methodically work it into your area in a crosshatching style.

Ensure to get all the way to the edges and lower areas of every panel and avoid over application on to other areas. Start with roughly a 1 square foot area and as you get to know the coating more you can adjust this based on curing.

4. Levelling: you should very quickly see the solvents start to flash off and a rainbow effect as it cures. Experiment in your test area, try removing some after 30 seconds, then 45, then 60 up to a couple of minutes until it becomes difficult to easily buff off leaving no residue. This lets you know how long you have to let it cure before removing the excess product, thus levelling the coating.

With some coatings and conditions you had to work small and fast. This one is much more user friendly, leaving a couple of minutes is generally no problem.

Now here's the technique: much like application, you must be methodical. If you ensure you go to all the far edges and thoroughly wipe each panel down it reduces the chance of accidentally leaving high spots. Doing it twice is better for every section, regularly folding and switching towels between sections. Once finished, walk round and inspect thoroughly to see if you've missed anything and buff lightly to remove if so. 

5. Curing: In an ideal world all coatings are best left overnight before being subjected to the elements. This allows them to become fully weatherproof and gives the coating the chance to fully bond with the paint, allowing extended durability.

Apply outside or in adverse conditions by your own judgement but if you plan the conditions well it's possible to use outside (we have, many times). Realistically, if you can guarantee 12 dry hours after at a reasonable temperature it should have no effect on curing at all. Do not pressure wash or chemically wash the car for 7-10 days after this to allow full hardening (see Ceramic Coating Aftercare).

6. Final Checks: This is your last chance to check for any high spots, use extra lighting if you have it for a different perspective. Any high spots you find can be removed fairly easily with a quick wipe with a microfibre or a slightly dampened microfibre within about 12 hours or so.

Failing this you can level high spots by applying a little of the coating over the area, the solvents will break it down and give you another chance to do it right. Left a few days before noticing you may need to compound them off. If you use our method with multiple towels and 2 wipe downs per section removal should be a dream and high spots a thing of the past.


Health & Safety:

You should always wear appropriate PPE when detailing. In the case of ceramic coatings; gloves, a face mask (3M is a good one) and eye protection ideally.

Solvents are used in the manufacturing of ceramic coatings. If used indoors ensure there is appropriate ventilation. 

    If that didn't convince you we thoroughly test our products, use them professionally ourselves and truly have a passion for detailing, nothing will!


    This isn't just a job to us, it's our livelihood. Our range of coatings are great for the  enthusiast weekend warrior and the professional alike:

    Euphoria: a super easy to use silica sealant that lasts on average 6-9 months on daily drivers and we've seen it do 12. Excellent self cleaning effect and a great standalone sealant or maintenance topper. Link

    Nirvana: The more durable silica base coating. 12 months is not a problem in any conditions we've tried...and we've tried a lot. It's a low budget powerhouse that performs. Best layered with Euphoria for the self cleaning effect/impressive hydrophobics. Link

    Arcadia - our 3 year (retail friendly) ceramic coating).

    Utopia: our 5 year professional use only ceramic coating, coming this year! Professionals interested in joining our network should apply for our trade account at the bottom of the website, this will put you on our trade email list for when we do our first release of full details. 


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