For up to 30 people only we are:

  • Reducing our single stage enhancement detail from £150 to £120
  • Adding in an engine bay clean - FREE OF CHARGE
  • And protecting your car with a luxury paste wax free or upgrade to Si-Stal silica coating for £10 less than usual at just £50.

 Book here: Sale Detail with paste wax

Sale Detail with Si-Stal silica coating 

Sistal silica coating KKD

This offer includes:

  • 3 stage or more prewash as necessary
  • 2 bucket safe wash with pH neutral shampoo
  • Wheels and arches thoroughly cleaned
  • Engine bay cleaned
  • 2 stage or more chemical decontamination removing all tar spots and industrial fallout
  • 2 bucket safe wash with ph neutral shampoo
  • Clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contamination, leaving your paint as smooth as glass
  • Thorough rinse then dried with microfibre towels and forced air
  • Single stage machine polish to remove minor defects, adding a "like new" clarity and gloss
  • Car given a post polish wipe down to prep the paint and ensure the best bond with the wax or coating of your choice. 
  • Paste wax or coating applied to the paint giving long lasting protection, added gloss and making it significantly easier to clean.

Protection : either a paste wax or Si-Stal silica coating. The paste wax comes at no extra cost, will add gloss and make cleaning easier and should last 4-6 months if cared for correctly. Si-Stal, reduced to £50 from £60 for this deal, will do all of the above but it will do it better, make cleaning even easier and it will last a whole lot longer (estimated 1-2 years).

Si-STAL is a silica based resin coating which is combined with silicone polymers . The silicone polymers give adhesion and water repellency to the painted surface. The silicon resins then form a film which bind these together resulting in increased durability. This results in an exceptionally high gloss and water bahaviour characteristics.

Add ons and changes are available at extra cost, feel free to contact us for any information.

Terms and conditions:

  • These prices are for small to medium vehicles. Large vehicles and vans please contact in advance.
  • Deposit is non refundable, please contact 48 hours before your booking or earlier if you wish to change your date.
  • This sale is for January and February dates only, once deposit is paid we can arrange a date that suits you best.

 Book here: Sale Detail with paste wax

Sale detail with Si-Stal silica coating 



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