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3 for £25 (free postage) - Monstershine Car  Care

3 for £25 (free postage)


Take your pick of any three of these items delivered to you for £25 (limited time only). Click to buy the deal then write your selected 3 in the order notes.

Pre Wash: Cyclone Snow Foam, The Ambassador Snow Foam and Citrus Wash.

Wash & Wheels: Soor Apple Shampoo, Lemon Ice Wheel Cleaner and Oblivion Concentrated Wheel Cleaner.

Decontamination:  TARantula Tar & Glue Remover and Redemption Fallout Remover.

LSP, QD & Tyres: ShowTime Show WaxTitanite Hybrid Wax, WaxIt Speed Wax, Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant, Cherry Bomb Quick Detailer and Aqua Gloss Tyre Dressing.

Glass: 20/20 No Haze Glass Cleaner

Interior: Chocolate Sauce Interior Cleaner & Dressing

Air Freshener: 1 Million, Cherry Daiquiri, Blueberry Pie and Jelly Baby.


Only one of each item per customer.  No discount codes accepted.

500ml bottles for all except 50ml wax pot or 250ml bottle of Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

All 3 products are great. easy to use and good results

3 for 25, great taster pack!

Ordered 3 products:

Cyclone Snow Foam: very nice lather, goes on pretty thick and lifts the loose stuff off, exactly what I'm after. Even better if left for about 10 minutes, the lather is still there, and didn't have to use very much, very Impressed!

Soor Apple Shampoo: smells great, i mean really great. Noticed i had to use a bit more than I'd thought (to be fair 2 capfuls recommended from the 500ml bottle is about 10ml, which in a bucket is very very little) but it lathered up nicely and lifted what it was supposed to, again, impressed.

Titanite Wax: this is where it really shines, so to speak. Very very impressed, strikes a nice balance between shiny and long lasting. Not completely a concourse wax, but gives you a nice long lasting protection between washes.



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