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Bucket Wheel kit - Monstershine Car  Care

Bucket Wheel kit


20 Litre Bucket, Monstershine Wheels Vinyl Label, Oblivion Concentrated Alkaline Wheel Cleaner & Large Alloy wheel brush.

Oblivion Alkaline Wheel Cleaner was developed to make light work of baked on brake dust and grime. Dilutable up to 10 to 1.

Directions: Spray on your wheels and allow to dwell for 2 to 3 minutes, agitate with a brush if necessary then rinse off.


This new large alloy wheel brush is perfectly designed for cleaning spokes, grills, pipes, around the bumpers, mufflers, engines / tools will not fit.

Professionally designed with a 1ft reach to get into the back of the widest of rims for effective removal of build up of dirt, brake dust and grime. A 4.5" diameter soft nylon bristles, that will gently loosen dirt from metal surfaces without scratching or dulling. A bonded vinyl tip, a rubber non scratch protective sleeve covering stem between the handle and the bristles and super safe rubber knuckle guard - makes this one of the best and advanced alloy wheel cleaning brushes in today's market!


  • 1ft reach
  • 4.5" diameter soft nylon bristles
  • Bonded vinyl tip
  • Rubber protective sleeve - WILL NOT SCRATCH
  • Rubber protective knuckle guard




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Customer Reviews

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It’s a bucket!

Yes maybe a tad expensive for a bucket but you do get the wheel cleaner and brush in with the kit


Everything was fantastic, very impressed by the quality of products, speedy delivery as well I will be back



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