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Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment - 3 pack - Monstershine Car  Care

Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment - 3 pack

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The Monstershine Carpet Brushes are designed specifically for tasks like soft top cleaning and carpet shampooing that would normally be time consuming and require a lot of work. With these brushes you can attach it directly to your drill, spray your product and let the tools do the hard work. Not only will this mean less effort but means an even distribution of product and agitation on the surface for a perfect clean every time.

Each brush is coloured which corresponds to how hard or soft they are for ease of selection and each has it's place in upholstery cleaning whether you're cleaning hard floor mats or soft headliners and seats.

Red - Hard

Yellow - Medium

White - Soft

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Service and Product

Stephen took time out on a Saturday and managed to get me these brushes within 3 hours of messaging him. Excellent service and a quality, time saving product. These will last a lifetime!

Good but be careful

Great brushs but be warned! They giveout lots of heat and can burn through thiner materials quickly. Watch out too for the plastic edges rubbing up against things. Top quality tool but use with care.



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