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Monstershine Buckets and Grit Guards Kit - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Buckets and Grit Guards Kit

£30.00 £35.00

2 X 20L  Buckets & Lids

500ml of Monstershine Soor Apple Shampoo

2 Grit Guard

1 WASH Vinyl Label

1 RINSE Vinyl Label

A reliable, effective all round car shampoo.

We had some fun with this one.  A Scottish twist to the drink Apple Sours, we gave our favourite car shampoo a refreshing minty apple scent. Its super concentrated, needing just one capful for a full car wash and of course, pH neutral to protect your paintwork. Cleaning power without lubrication isnt going to do your paintwork any good. Thats why we have come up with the perfect balance of the two to give your car a great general clean.

Our resident cleaning geek, Stephen loves the two bucket method, using our wash mitt and 2 buckets this amazing shampoo leaves him relaxing with a real apple sour in no time.  

The 2 bucket method is used as part of a safe wash to minimise the risk of swirling and wash marring. Add your Soor Apple Car Shampoo to the wash bucket and top with water (blast under the water with your pressure washer for extra suds). Next fill your rinse bucket with clean water only and put a grit guard in each bucket. The grit guard will create a barrier between the dirt and the clean water, allowing the dirt to sink to the bottom. Dunk your wash mitt into the wash bucket and wash a panel at a time, then dunk and shake in the rinse bucket to remove the dirt and go back to the wash bucket for more clean shampoo and water. Work this way around the car, starting at the top and working down. Rinse off all shampoo remaining with your pressure washer and dry with a high quality drying towel like our Humpfrey the Camel drying towel. Finish with our Cherry Bomb quick detailer as a drying aid or to add a final shine and light layer of protection. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Good product however grit guard goes rattle around in the bucket

    Monstershine Buckets and Grit Guards Kit

    First class service and products
    Highly recommended


    Monstershine Buckets and Grit Guards Kit

    Cleaning products

    Used the buckets with grit guards as soon as they arrived and I couldn't be happier with them! They worked a treat!

    keep dirt in the rinse bucket

    A must have for anyone who like to keep their car spotless and swirl free combine this with a good quality wash mitt and you will see the difference with all the dirt being kept in the rinse bucket and off your paint

    the only downside is the lids are very tight and take a bit to get off and need to taken off bit by bit all the way round if it wasn't for that these would get 5 stars



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