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Monstershine Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litre of Krystal Kleen  Blizzard  Snow foam - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litre of Krystal Kleen Blizzard Snow foam

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The foam lance when matched with snow foam produces a thick white foam that is sprayed directly over the vehicle. Whilst dwelling the foam breaks down the soling and drags it down the vehicle. After 5-10 minutes the vehicle is ready to be pressure washed.

Once pressure washed a relatively clean vehicle is left over ready to be washed with a mitt.


This is a premium high powered and highly concentrated foam wash which gives the cleaning power of alkaline cleaners but at a neutral pH. Safe on all exterior surfaces. 

We have had this developed specifically for us after trying various other brands and not being entirely satisfied with what was available.

'BLIZZARD' offers....

Excellent economy due to high dilution rates...we use approx 50ml of product to produce 'high foam' on a medium to large vehicle. This would give approx 20 washes from a 1 Litre bottle at these ratios and 100 washes from 5 Litres.

Excellent cleaning power even from a pH neutral product allowing less contact with vehicle paintwork and reducing the potential for 'paint marring'

Recommended for use through a 'foam lance'. However it can also be used as an excellent 'pre-wash' through a pump sprayer but without the foaming effect.


Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance 

Pressure washer lance for perfect application of snow foam.

Customers love our snow foams.  Who wouldnt? Covering your car with a layer of thick foam and leaving it to soak away the dirt is so satisfying.  Were also car cleaning perfectionists.  Weve seen that some lances arent brilliant quality, they can break or clog and need regular cleaning which is, frankly, a pain.  

We tried and rejected at least 10 different prototypes before taking on our famous orange and grey lance, which we are actually proud to say we have never had a repeat order for.  Commercial sense? possibly not - if we had made them a little less good quality or allowed them to clog up and need cleaning more regularly, we may sell a lot more. As always, we do the best for our customers, even if it means we will only ever sell you one.  

Not sure which adaptor you need?  We are experts in fittings, even if you dont know what model your pressure washer is, send us a photo and we will get the right adaptor to you.  

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Customer Reviews

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Exactly what you expect

Can’t ask for anymore. Will definitely be using again, although probably not anytime soon as the snow foam goes such a long way! Recommend buying the 5L containers!

The best snow foam yet!

This is a review for the foam as i never purchased the lance and bottle as i already have one. However the foam is amazing, does exactly as it claims and smells amazing. I have a VW camper and this stuff just takes the grime right off. A process that used to take me ages with other foams having to leave to dwell for extra long periods of time and mess around with mixtures but this stuff lets me clean my van super quick. I will be buying again for sure. You wont be disappointed.

First use

Very pleased with the quality of the lance, fits well on my karcher K4 Full control.
The snow foam works well, would recommend to friends.

Monstershine snow foam lance and kkd snow foam

Monstershine car care has very good customer service and quick delivery. The snow foam lance is better than expected and the snow foam works brilliantly. Will be dealing with monstershine car care again and buying more products. Many thanks for a very pleasant experience

Great snow foam gun

Great snow foam gun, easy to get mixture right as it has ML measurements on the bottle. Easy to attach and adjust the pressure and spray.
Love it.



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