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Monstershine HD Snow Foam Lance  and  Autobrite Direct MagiFoam or SuperFoam  £28.50 - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine HD Snow Foam Lance and Autobrite Direct MagiFoam or SuperFoam £28.50


Autobrite Direct  MagiFoam
Ultra high foam additive for a stable dense foam.

Magifoam has been formulated to be a concentrated ultra high foam additive that will produce an extremely stable dense foam when used through a snow foam lance. With a light banana scent this product is extremely pleasant to work with and the stable foam produced will linger for up to and over 30 minutes meaning that there is no more rushing around to clean wheels, badges or door shuts like before whilst the foam is dwelling. By using magifoam as a foam prewash the risk of swirl marks and scratches when washing the car is dramatically reduced.
  • Superior, Safe Cleaning Action
  • Very High Foaming 
  • Banana Scented
  • Economical to use. 
  • Produces a blanket of foam on vehicle
  • Dwells on car surface up to 30 minutes giving you maximum penetration and cleaning
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants
  • LSP safe
  • Leaves a great finish.
Usage Instruction;

Magifoam has been primarily formulated to be used in a foam lance, with a dilution rate of 100:1 it is also very economical, this equates to roughly 1-2" in the bottom of a 1l bottle in a foam lance when using with a domestic pressure washer.To use simply rinces car surface first, then spray the car with a liberal layer of foam and allow to dwell for at least 10 minutes, after this time simply rinse the foam off and watch the dirt rinse away too. The longer this product dwells the deeper it penetrates into the dirt and more of the dirt will then be removed.

Keep away from children and animals, if ingested seek immediate medical attention.
Autobrite Direct SuperFoam. 


Autobrite Direct were the first UK car wash supplier to introduce the SuperFoam. The original Super concentrated snow foam with a dilution rate of up to 200-1 with great cleaning ability. Autobrite SuperFoam has been specially formulated by Autobrite Direct. It is super a concentrated product and provides a thick mouse style foam  to rapidly break down dirt. A super thick high foam,neutral cleaner containing a blend of detergents,wetting agents,foamers and sequestering agents for the removal of traffic film,grease,insects and dirt from all car & commercial vehicles.

Autobrite SuperFoam is a fantastic product which works great in conjunction with the Autobrite foam lance. It provides great cleaning action,excellent value for money and easy to use for that near touch less wash.The dilution rate is up to 200-1 so making this product very cost effective. Autobrite Super Snow Foam is used as a pre wash to loosen dirt and draw larger particles away from the surface of the paint, after dwelling for 5 -10 mins it leaves the car almost clean, in turn making the wash process easier and safer for your paint.

Directions For best results pre-wet vehicle surface and apply through a Foam Lance via a high pressure washer. Dilute with up to 200 parts of water adjust the dilution for desired foaming. If using a Foam Lance place up to 2 inches of the concentrate into the foam lance bottle supplied and then top up with warm water. Plug and play! When vehicle surface has been covered with a blanket of foam leave to dwell and rinse under pressure.

Key points of our product

  • Superior Cleaning Action 
  • Very High Foaming Action 
  • Excellent, safe cleaning action. 
  • Contains no harsh chemicals. 
  • Economical to use. 
  • Produces blanket of foam on vehicle. 
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants. 
  • LSP Safe 
  • Leaves a Great Finish


Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance 

Pressure washer lance for perfect application of snow foam.

Customers love our snow foams.  Who wouldnt? Covering your car with a layer of thick foam and leaving it to soak away the dirt is so satisfying.  Were also car cleaning perfectionists.  Weve seen that some lances arent brilliant quality, they can break or clog and need regular cleaning which is, frankly, a pain.  

We tried and rejected at least 10 different prototypes before taking on our famous orange and grey lance, which we are actually proud to say we have never had a repeat order for.  Commercial sense? possibly not - if we had made them a little less good quality or allowed them to clog up and need cleaning more regularly, we may sell a lot more. As always, we do the best for our customers, even if it means we will only ever sell you one.

Not sure which adaptor you need?  We are experts in fittings, even if you dont know what model your pressure washer is, send us a photo and we will get the right adaptor to you.  

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Monstershine HD Snow Foam Lance and Autobrite Direct MagiFoam or SuperFoam £28.50


Great snonfoam lance. Fully recommends.

Snow Foam Gun

Great item, foam supplied also has a great effect. Stays on car for a good 20 mins as promised. Delivered super fast great service.

Some girlie fun!

Great service and wonderful products. Have recommended to family and friends. Thank you so much!


Excellent products and excellent service. Will definitely be using again. Many thanks.



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