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Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and  1 Litre of The Ambassador Snow Foam for £27.99 - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 1 Litre of The Ambassador Snow Foam for £27.99

£27.99 £37.00

Luxurious thick Snow Foam, a new premium level cleaner bridging the gap between professional and domestic cleaners.

Who doesnt love snow foam?  A lovely coating of foam to coat your car, soften and soak away the dirt like a spell in the sink works for dirty dishes.  Well, weve made this one really decadent for the lovers of extravagant things. A thicker velvety foam which - wait for it - smells of chocolate.  Our 1 litre bottle will last for ages, which gives you economical luxury with a true Monstershine quality clean. pH neutral, safe for your paintwork and trim, and giving an excellent finish, we think everybody should treat themselves to time with an ambassador.  Did we mention it smells of chocolate?

Use with our Pro HD snow foam lance for months of brilliant car cleaning - pressure washer lance for perfect application of snow foam

Customers love our snow foams. Who wouldnt? Covering your car with a layer of thick foam and leaving it to soak away the dirt is so satisfying. Were also car cleaning perfectionists.  Weve seen that some lances arent brilliant quality, they can break or clog and need regular cleaning which is, frankly, a pain.  

We tried and rejected at least 10 different prototypes before taking on our famous orange and grey lance, which we are actually proud to say we have never had a repeat order for.  Commercial sense? possibly not - if we had made them a little less good quality or allowed them to clog up and need cleaning more regularly, we may sell a lot more. As always, we do the best for our customers, even if it means we will only ever sell you one.  

Not sure which adaptor you need?  We are experts in fittings, even if you dont know what model your pressure washer, send us a photo and we will get the right adaptor to you.  

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Customer Reviews

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Foam gun

Fantastic product, highly recommend. Effortless buying from this company, Job well done team.


Up until recently I'd been using a Karcher snow foam attachment. I've since moved up to one of these and the difference is night and day. This one is so much better. My car was covered in thick foam. I never got this with my old snow foam attachment. I also got a thank-you email for purchasing (which was a nice touch) and my order arrived two days after I placed it. Very happy customer here.

Great value

Love the chocolate sauce smell as well

Excellent product

Easy to use and work amazingly.


Only used the foam once and has been excellent can't wait to order more with you guys.



Sold Out