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Titanite - Monstershine Car  Care


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Titanite is a rare gem known for being highly reflective, having high lustre, and its light dispersion rate. Our Titanite is a true gem of a car wax - long lasting, amazing finish and easy to use.

We are mad over car products. And we test stuff - constantly.  We can safely say we really havent found a wax out there that lasts as long as Titanite (or smells as good). We find this lasts 5-6 months when paintwork is prepped and applied correctly. Yup - thats only 2-3 times a year you need to wax! Unlike many waxes, its not going to harden quickly as you apply, we can cover the whole car before buffing with no annoying hardening of the wax.  

Just for the geeks - our Titanite contains a very high content of gloss enhancers for that perfect MonsterShine, has hydrophobic polymers for beading and durability enhancers for staying power making this a perfect hybrid wax, ideal for enthusiasts and professionals.

Proper prep is the key to durability of this wax. Apply after a simple wash for a quick, still amazing but more temporary finish, or go the whole hog using the products in our pro valet kit for an astounding finish that will last and last.  


Directions for use:

  1. Ensure bodywork is clean and dry and apply out of direct sunlight.
  2. Apply a thin, even, layer of Titanite  wax to your panel, allowing to haze, then buff off using a quality microfibre towel.
  3. After applying and buffing check there are no missed wax spots. If there are and it has dried on use Cherry Bomb Quick Detailer and buff off with a microfibre towel.

For best results use our Monstershine Pro Applicator and Shaggy Monster buffing microfibre towel.

Available in 50ml and 200ml pots.

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Lovely wax

Very easy to apply and take off the outcome is very warm as well which is a bonus


Quick off the mark even though weather was atrocious.



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