You own the most amazing car (every car is amazing to it’s owner, and deserves to be treated that way). If you’re here, you’re serious about looking for top quality products, services and advice to give you the best finish in the easiest and most cost effective way with a bit of fun thrown in - well, we hope you are - if you’re after a florist or dog walker, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place….

We Get It
Allow us to take you back in time to an era before MonsterShine. Stephen and John were two friends who loved washing cars. And cleaning them. And waxing them… in fact, anything to do with bringing out an amazing finish and restoring paintwork and trim to factory standard or better.

One thing really troubled us both - how hard it was to source all our favourite cleaning products in one place. We saw the chance to bring to the UK the best products (tested by ourselves) and help other car owners in the same predicament.

Never happy with standing still, we started experimenting with ingredients. How to make them give the brilliant finish we wanted in the easiest, gentlest and most enjoyable way while giving you amazing value for money.

No Copies
We don’t reverse engineer. Every product is created and tested (sometimes hundreds of times) before we are happy with it. If it’s too smelly, takes too long to work, doesn’t give you long enough to work with it or is dangerous to you or your paintwork, it’s not going to make it as a MonsterShine product. If accessories wear out, don’t do the job, or just don’t feel right, we won’t put our name to them.

Meet The Team

Ever since I was a young boy I remember helping my dad clean his car on a Sunday morning to my first car where I could be out first thing in the morning or late at night cleaning my pride and joy. I have even seen myself out on Christmas Day giving it a quick clean.

By the age of 10 I had decided I wanted to work with cars for a living. Initially my goal was mechanics but later in life discovered a passion for everything related to cleaning cars and striving for the perfect finish. To this day I spend countless hours researching and honing products and techniques to improve my skill level in this exciting, ever changing industry.
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There's a lot of satisfaction to be had in restoring your car's dull paint to beyond a factory shine and we cater to the needs of beginners, car enthusiasts, valets, detailers and your local car wash alike.

We sell in all sizes and for advice, bulk orders and trade prices please send us an email through the "Contact Us" section or click Trade Accounts here.



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