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MonsterShine Car Care are a local team of Glasgow detailers with a wealth of experience and infinite patience. Please feel welcome to contact us and arrange to come by for a quote or an informal chat.


  • Protection Detail
  • Machine Polish and Protection Detail
  • New Car Detail
  • Paint Correction Detail
  • Ceramic Coating

Protection Detail

A half day service focusing on rejuvenating and protecting exterior paint.

We start with a detailed clean and chemical decontamination of paint, wheels and arches. Wheels and glass sealed, paint protected with MonsterShine Ceramic Wax or Euphoria Silica Coating to enhance gloss.

 From £150

Machine Polish and Protection Detail

A full day service focusing on rejuvenating, polishing and protecting exterior paint. 

Everything included in the protection detail above with a clay bar treatment followed by a light machine polish to remove oxidation and increase gloss.

From £300

Ceramic Coating Options Available


New Car Detail

An average of 1.5 to 2 days focusing on the finer paint correction details typically found on new cars such as light wash marring and holograms.

The same preparation steps are taken to prepare the vehicle with more time spent on correcting the paint.

From £400

Ceramic Coating Advised


Paint Correction Detail

2 days or more. A paint enhancement or correction will always be quoted on request so we can meet the needs of the client specifically.

This will involve multiple polishing and possibly sanding stages and we always advise ceramic coating after a paint correction detail.

Price Quoted After Inspection

Ceramic Coating

Our most popular protection product! A ceramic coating leaves a much thicker and more chemical resistant protection layer that lasts for years instead of months. 

Multiple options available on different surfaces such as paint, wheels, glass and leather. 

Pricing on Request.


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