• Safe Wash
  • Rubbish removed
  • Vacuum interior and boot
  • Plastics cleaned
  • Door sills and shuts cleaned 
  • Matts removed and cleaned
  • Carpet and fabric shampoo
  • Steam clean
  • Leather cleaned and dressed.
  • Air freshener applied
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Fabric, leather and glass coatings applied.

First we give the car a safe wash. Then we move on to the interior; vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust, we then go over everything again with multiple brushes and hoover attachments to bring the car up to a "like new" standard. The floor mats are cleaned, carpet and seats shampooed with wet extraction to flush out dirt then finally steam cleaned to kill remaining bacteria that could cause smells. Buy the best car detailing kits.

The tyres are dressed, leather, mats and seats coated to protect from stains and then the glass is coated to increase visibility when driving, New car scent air freshener applied to give a long lasting fresh fragrance.​



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