• Full extensive wash
  • Wheels cleaned with Oblivion Alkaline Wheel Cleaner.
  • Apc applied to arches cleaned and rinse.
  • Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.
  • Application of Monstershine snow Foam to the whole vehicle.
  • Rinse. Exterior bodywork washed using Monstershine Soor Apple shampoo with a lambswool mitt and the 2 Bucket Method.
  • Tar and glue remover applied to the vehicle
  • Iron fallout remover applied to the vehicle
  • Whole vehicle clayed
  • final rinse
  • Full car then towel and blow dried
  • Paintwork inspection carried out.
  • Paintwork assessment carried out using a paint depth gauge.
  • Single stage machine polish to prepare the paint boost gloss and remover light swirls and marring.
  • badges and grilles polished by hand.
  • Paintwork wiped down to remove polishing oils.


  • Wax applied to all painted surfaces (ceramic upgraded available)
  • Exterior trim dressed 
  • Exterior glass polished
  • Tyres dressed 
  • Final inspection carried out



Time: 1 Day Booking 

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