• Pre wash with Citrus Wash
  • Second pre wash with snow foam
  • Washed and waxed using microfibre wash mitt
  • Wheels faces cleaned
  • Tar removed
  • Iron fallout/brake dust removed
  • Engine bay clean
  • Microfibre towel dried
  • Rubbish removed
  • Vacuum interior and boot
  • Plastics cleaned
  • Door sills and shuts cleaned 
  • Matts removed and cleaned
  • Carpet and fabric shampoo
  • Steam clean
  • Paint polished and waxed
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior trim dressed
  • Exterior trim waxed
  • Leather cleaned and dressed.
  • Air freshener applied
  • Windows cleaned inside and out


Our full day valet is just that....a full day dedicated to getting your car as clean and fresh as possible. After washing we use chemical decontamination techniques to make your paint as smooth as glass. Next it is polished and waxed to give a showroom shine and protect it from the elements. This also has the side benefit of making future cleaning easier. The engine bay is cleaned next to make it look like new (great if selling). Then we move on to the interior; vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust, matts cleaned, carpet and seats shampoo and wet extraction to flush out dirt then finally steam cleaned to kill remaining bacteria that could cause smells. 

To give that final showroom effect the paint is polished and waxed, tyres are dressed, interior trim is dressed, exterior trim is waxed, leather cleaned and dressed, "new car scent" air freshener applied and the glass is cleaned. 

Why not reduce the likelihood of future smells and stains by upgrading to our fabric protection services or add on a paint protection coating. 

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