What's the difference between valeting & detailing?

For the purpose of our menu's we have separated the two based on a few things; length of time we'll need to work on the car, extent of work to be carried out and level of protection. Really there is no significant difference, it will be the same skilled people detailing your vehicle with a package tailored specifically to your needs so the terminology won't raise the prices.  

Please bare in mind that excessive dirt, pet hair, staining, tar spots, fallout etc could incur extra costs if you choose a maintenance service as they are designed for cars that are well maintained. But don't worry about that as we can quote in advance or by picture (in some cases) so we can quote the most cost efficient package for you to get the results you want.

A full and detailed price list will be coming soon but to book any services now you can email us in the "Contact Us" section to let us know what you need or phone for a chat. 

  • Quick Safe Washes
  • Maintenance Valets
  • Full Valets
  • Trade & Fleet Valets available.

We also offer many options in glazes to hide mild swirls and defects, spot removal of scratches and a wide range of waxes, sealants and coatings. 

An intro to valeting - click here

Full Day Valet

Either one staff member spends a full day or two spend half a day cleaning your car to as high a standard possible both inside and out. This could include minor paint correction, glaze, deep cleaning - we focus where you want us to. Excellent service for a vehicle that hasn't been taken care of for a while, a used car buyer that wants it fresh and clean or a car seller that wants to get the most money for their car. This service includes a luxury hand wax or sealant, silica or ceramic coatings available at extra cost. Extra services and time can be added on if the customer wishes. Prices start at £150

Maintenance Valet (exterior)

A full safe wash including two stages of prewashing, three bucket wash and vehicle dried. Approximately one hour service. Discounts for multiple cars. Prices start at £20. Add a luxury wax on for protection and gloss from £10.

Maintenance Valet (interior and exterior)

Interior hoover of passenger areas, sills cleaned, rubber and plastic surfaces wiped down and dressed, glass cleaned plus full safe wash as mentioned in exterior valet. Discounts for multiple cars. Prices start at £30Add a luxury wax on for protection and gloss from £10.

Decontamination Valet

Maintenance Valet (exterior) plus tar spot removal, fallout removal, claying to remove bonded contaminants and a range of choices for finishing products such as polishing glazes applied by machine or luxury waxes. Interior can be added to this service but cost/time will vary based on the car. Silica and ceramic coatings can be added for an additional cost. Prices start at £80


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