• Pre wash with Citrus Wash
  • Second pre wash with snow foam
  • Washed using microfibre wash mitt
  • Wheels faces cleaned
  • Tar removed
  • Iron fallout/brake dust removed
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Microfibre towel dried
  • Paint depths read
  • Car inspected for defects
  • Light machine polish
  • Paint cleansed to prep for coating
  • Your choice of Ceramic coatings applied

Designed to perfect and protect brand new cars fresh from the factory. If interested in this please instruct the dealership not to wash the vehicle as they may cause defects that would increase the time required to complete the car. Contact us now for car detailing kits.

After being given a thorough cleanse and inspection we remove the minor defects and prep the paint to be coated to provide long term protection from the elements making it easy to clean and stay looking like new as long as possible. 

Price From £250

We are certified in the SB3 Trinity system and can offer ceramic coating lasting up to 7 years as well as coatings for wheels, glass, leather and fabric.



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