SOLO Coating


SB3 Solo is a great entry level coating. It offers the same characteristics of all both Alpha and Omega, except with one year durability. Solo provides incredible slickness and gloss.


The slickness will help with hydrophobics making your car easier to clean. Solo has a dramatic darkening effect. 


Alpha Coating

SB3 Alpha Coating is a premier coating offering a High Solids formula of 9H protection. Its advance properties make it the best choice for durability, slickness and overall protection. Backed by a 5 year third party warranty there is no better choice for your vehicle. Alpha Coating provides a permanent bond to your vehicles paint and will not be removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured.  

Alpha is highly protective against light marring, UV Rays and bird bombs. The elements of nature don't stand a chance. Alpha Coating has a contact angle of 110 degrees, this allows for the self cleaning effect to perform. For those who demand the best, look no further then SB3 Alpha. 


Omega Coating

SB3 Omega Coating is a great coating for those looking to add an incredible amount of slickness to there vehicles surface. Omega is a 4H coating which will protect your vehicles finish for 2 years. Backed by a 3rd party, you will feel at ease with this entry level coating knowing your car is protected. 

Omega has been known for several characteristics. It provides a darkening affect to paint unlike no other coating available on the market today. This high Gloss formula works well as a top coat or a stand alone coating. With a contact degree of 115 degrees, you will be amazed at its self cleaning affect.  


Optic Glass Coating

SB3 Optic Glass Coating  goes unsurpassed in the Windshield Coating game. You won't find another like it! The hydrophobic properties of  Optic  reach an amazing contact angle of 117 degrees. This is very important to the consumer who has their windshield protected.

When driving in during a a downfall of rain, Optic will make the water roll right off the glass which will allow you to see clearer and further. 

 Being able to see clearer and further will help driver reaction times. Optic is the clear choice for safety and protection.




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