One of the few companies in Glasgow offering full soft top restoration due to the amount of time and care required to do the job correctly. 

soft top restoration Glasgow

First we deep clean the roof in several stages using the correct cleaning agents, a selection of brushes and steam.

Soft top cleaning GlasgowSoft top cleaning Glasgow

Once clean and dry we then dye the roof to darken and restore it to a more natural "like new" colour.

Soft top dying Glasgow
We then seal it in using a designated fabric sealant.

Soft top restoration Glasgow

So what does it cost? - Not as much as you may think. Our prices start at £249.99 for the full deep clean, dye and seal. 

How long does it take? - Often 2-3 days due to the fact the roof must fully dry between each stage and layer. 

How do I book? - Click the Contact Us button and either call or email us with your details, the type of car and colour of the roof. 




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