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Aqua Gloss Tyre Dressing - Monstershine Car  Care

Aqua Gloss Tyre Dressing


Our speciality tyre gloss gives your tyres a true Monstershine showroom finish.

After washing, polishing, and waxing your paintwork, your tyres deserve to be treated.  A true finishing touch taking your car back to that new carlook.  Simply spray or brush on and once dry, our Monstershine Aqua Gloss will stick to your tyres and not splash onto your paintwork when you drive.

Apply to a clean tyre with a Tyre Dressing Applicator or Detailing Brush. Add a second coat for increased durability.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy To Use, Good Longevity.

I use this in a sprayer bottle after blowing tyres dry, I use 5-6 sprays per tyre to get good coverage and then go over the tyre with a cut up sponge to even out the dressing.

If the suns out I usually just let it sit to "cure" on but if it's cold a little warmish air from my Metrovac dries it to a glossy look, you can use less for a more natural clean rubber look and if you want to wash it off it comes off easily enough with a quick spray of degreaser and jet wash.

It works really well with blac trim too however use it sparingly on trim to prevent it looking uneven.

Will definitely buy again.



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