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Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant - Monstershine Car  Care

Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant


Our gloss enhancing sealant lasts for up to four months protecting your paintwork and reducing the contaminants that love to bond themselves to your car.  

If you are looking for a top quality gloss sealant that is easy to apply and lasts for up to 4 months, we’ve got it here.  Apply with a spray bottle, snow foam lance or simply wipe on, and hi-gloss will protect your paintwork, protecting from contaminants, UV rays and acid rain nasties while making your car shine and water bead on it.  Hi Gloss also protects your car from the deposits birds love to leave on your car, meaning it won’t be damaging your clear coat.  

In Monstershine fashion, it’s top quality and lasts a long time, with a little going a really long way.  Use alongside our Pro Valet Kit for the absolute best finish and protection for your car.

Hi-Gloss can be diluted, sprayed and buffed on to your vehicle surface with 30ml to 970ml of water or applied through a snow foam lance with 15ml to 500ml of water. Wait 8 hours and repeat for an extra layer of protection. Rinse after use. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great stuff

Very easy to use does what it says on the tin. Will be buying again


Fantastic product great value for money, added a great shine to the car made a huge difference to the paintwork very happy



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