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Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam

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Thick foaming snow foam formula which clings well and is kind to your paintwork.

Like doing the dishes, the best way to remove the grime and dirt and reduce the need for harmful scrubbing is by giving your car a good soak.  Easy in the kitchen sink, not so easy for a car…  We have developed our Cyclone snow foam to cling to your car and stay foamy more than long enough for our special formula to do its job.  

Why Cyclone?  Weve made a foam which is pH neutral, wax and sealant safe, and in true Monstershine style, it smells awesome!

Applied with a snow foam lance such as our Pro HD Snow Foam Lance, our formula is economical, one bottle lasts and lasts.  Cover your vehicle in foam, leave to soak’ for 5-10 min, then rinse.

Pressure washer lance for perfect application of snow foam.

Customers love our snow foams. Who wouldnt? Covering your car with a layer of thick foam and leaving it to soak away the dirt is so satisfying.  Were also car cleaning perfectionists.  Weve seen that some lances arent brilliant quality, they can break or clog and need regular cleaning which is, frankly, a pain.  

We tried and rejected at least 10 different prototypes before taking on our famous orange and grey lance, which we are actually proud to say we have never had a repeat order for.  Commercial sense? possibly not - if we had made them a little less good quality or allowed them to clog up and need cleaning more regularly, we may sell a lot more. As always, we do the best for our customers, even if it means we will only ever sell you one.  

Not sure which adaptor you need?  We are experts in fittings, even if you dont know what model your pressure washer is, send us a photo and we will get the right adaptor to you.  

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Customer Reviews

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Snow foam and lance

Excellent piece of kit. Well worth the money.
Excellent customer service.

Monstershine pro hd snow foam lance and cyclone snow foam

Used this for the first time today and very impressed fitted nicely to my karcher.
produced a good coating of foam which I left to dwell on the car for 10 mins. You could see the dirty colour of the foam dripping off the car as it was doing its job! Very impressed will buy again.

New go-to car car supplier

The Monstershine guys produce fantastic products across the board, I'm new to them but this snowfoam lance combo inspired me to try more of their products. The foam is thick enough to dwell for ages, but still slides off taking dirt and crap with it leaving a lot less dirt on the car for a safer wash process.
Smells awesome, and dilutes well. Would easily recommend


Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam

Snow foam

Brilliant bit of kit, does exactly what it says, and much cheaper that the other alternatives out there.



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