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Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam

Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam

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Red Monstershine Lance & 5 Litres of Cyclone Cola Bottles Snow Foam.

Monstershine Cyclone is a pH neutral Snow Foam that has fantastic cleaning power which will quickly loosen road dirt and grime.

Cyclone Snow Foam is best used in conjunction with a Monstershine HD Snow Foam Lance and will provide a thick blanket of foam to be safely rinsed off after being left to dwell for 5 minutes.

This snow foam can be used on all surfaces and is wax and sealant safe.


How it works:

The snow foam mix is transferred through a pick up pipe on the bottle and forced through the hard wearing brass, steel and plastic lance at a high pressure to create a thick binding foam that not only breaks down the grime but actually suspends it in the foam so it can gradually drip down without pressured contact on the paintwork.

The reason professional detailers recommend this sort of pre-wash treatment is because if you were to skip straight to a shampoo with a wash mitt you will be agitating all the abrasive particles of dirt on your paint causing swirls and scratches that are costly to fix with a machine polisher. Keeping the paint clean is essential for stopping rust and degradation of the quality and the lower the quality the lower the cars value when you go to trade it in.

There are lots of different brands and styles of pressure washer and we sell snow foam lances to fit almost all of them so if you dont see yours on the list we may be able to order it if you ask through the "Contact Us" section of the site.

For the new buyers the most regularly bought and reliable lances are Nilfisk, Karcher and Kranzle and they are the easiest to get replacement parts for however for advice on what one would suit your needs again feel free to contact us for a chat.

Black Lances until further notice.

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Customer Reviews

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Monstershine pro hd snow foam lance and cyclone snow foam

Used this for the first time today and very impressed fitted nicely to my karcher.
produced a good coating of foam which I left to dwell on the car for 10 mins. You could see the dirty colour of the foam dripping off the car as it was doing its job! Very impressed will buy again.

New go-to car car supplier

The Monstershine guys produce fantastic products across the board, I'm new to them but this snowfoam lance combo inspired me to try more of their products. The foam is thick enough to dwell for ages, but still slides off taking dirt and crap with it leaving a lot less dirt on the car for a safer wash process.
Smells awesome, and dilutes well. Would easily recommend


Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance and 5 Litres Cyclone Snow Foam

Snow foam

Brilliant bit of kit, does exactly what it says, and much cheaper that the other alternatives out there.

Cyclone snow foam and pro HD Lance

Great snow foam really pulled the dirt off . Lance works perfectly with my k4 full control



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