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Chocolate Sauce Interior Dressing - Monstershine Car  Care

Chocolate Sauce Interior Dressing


All in one interior cleaner and dressing that smells of chocolate!

At Monstershine, we work on making life fun and easy.  If we can cut down the time it takes to get you that true showroom finish, we will.  Merging two steps doesnt make this an inferior quick fix, the finish is amazing.  Chocolate Sauce will clean and safely dress all of your interior surfaces in one application…  And did we mention it smells of CHOCOLATEThis product drives Darcy, the Monstershine quality inspector (otherwise known as the company Labarador) crazy - she knows theres chocolate somewhere but just cant find it.  

If chocolate isnt your thing, try out executive, with a lovely new car smell.

Reviewed here on Detailing World.

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Customer Reviews

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Chocolatey Goodness.

Having used many different brands of interior cleaner this one smells the best and leaves a nice shine on interior surfaces.

It is powerful enough to leave a nice clean sheen on kick plates and heavy scratched parts of the interior.

It is now my go to interior cleaner and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Absolutely brilliant Interior dressing.

This has to be my Favourite Monstershine Product, smells great, cleans as well which is a great bonus. i was impressed after first time using the product that i ordered 5 litres.

Chocolate Sauce Interior Dressing

This product is easy to use smells great and puts a pleasing shine on the item it's used on it has a great cleaning power and comes with an easy to use spray bottle, the seller provided regular updates on the order and the quality and service provided throughout was second to none keep up the good work

Chocolate Sauce Interior Dressing

Brilliant smell and cleans very well too ,nice Finnish not to shiny

Chocolate Sauce interior dressing

Delivery from MonsterShine excellent, the product leaves a nice matte finish and a chocolate sauce smell



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