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Clay Block - Monstershine Car  Care

Clay Block


Regular claying of a car can take up to 2 hours but with a much larger surface area covered than your clay bar you can cut that down to as little as 15-20 minutes.

The Clay Block works fast and achieves professional results with the new advanced rubber polymer technology, which replaces the use of clay bars. It safely and easily removes bonded contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, mouldings and plastic. Unlike the clay bar, the Clay Block can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contaminates with water. If you drop the Clay Block on the ground, no worries, just rinse the sponge pad clean and you're ready to keep using it. Easy glides allows for sturdy and controlled handling, unlike clay bars where constant reshaping is required.


Why does your car still seem dirty after you've cleaned it?

Its due to the presence of contaminants that can only be removed chemically then physically.

Your car will often have tar spots that can't be removed with your 2 bucket wash and shampoo but can be with our paint and wheel safe Tar & Glue Remover (TARantula).

Fallout: mainly brake dust embeds into your paint and wheels and causes rust (the reason for that gritty feeling when you run your finger over the cars paint is iron particles). This can be removed safely with our pH neutralised Fallout Remover (Redemption) containing Thioglycolic Acid so that it reacts only with the fallout.

Finally you remove any lasting contaminants with clay and quick detailer/clay lube (Cherry Bomb) to leave your paint fully clean and spotless ready for polishing and waxing to make your car look better than it did the day you bought it. All of these products and advice are available at Monstershine Car Care located in the Southside of Glasgow.

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Clay sponge

What a great product! I was a little dubious when Stephen asked me if id tried one? I took the plunge on his recommendation and I have to say I love it, had no problems removing over spay from a car and was loads faster then regular clay...I noticed no more marring from this than I'd expect from a normal clay bar - definitely one to always keep on stock!



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