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Redemption Fallout Remover - Monstershine Car  Care

Redemption Fallout Remover


Fallout remover makes cleaning up brake dust and iron contaminants fast and fun.


Iron particles from brakes and in the air cling to your paintwork, and wont totally wash away in a standard wash.  They love to cling to your car and cause rust spots.  Safe for your wheels and paint, Redemption is at hand to save the day.  We love to spray this on (its really sticky) and watch it turn from clear to red as it does its stuff.  We can tell you all the nerdy stuff about how the iron actually chemically bonds to your paint and how we have found a way to loosen the bond chemically while keeping the formula pH neutral, all you really need to know is that it works.  Nerdy stuff - click here.


Monstershine hate chemical smells - lots of fallout removers can be pretty smelly to use, we’ve worked on this and are pretty proud that this smells fresh and minty, so is easier to use than some similar products.


Please note that decontamination doesn't have to be carried out weekly but intermittently as required. 

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Customer Reviews

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Simply The Best

I have used many different fallout removers, some costing much more than the Redemption Remover however this is quite simply the best I've used.

Sounds strange however the smell with the added mint is just genius, makes it better to work with.

It's very much gel like meaning the hang/work time is great, even on wet surfaces so it does it's job for longer instead of running off onto the driveway.

Will continue to buy this again and again.


Really good product helps keep my white car looking white

5 star

Monstershine Redemption Fallout Remover

Monstershine redemption

Delighted, used it yesterday and really please with its performance. Would highly recommend it

Redemption Fallout Remover

Been using this product on my cars for a while now and it does the job nicely, getting rid of all that nasty iron. Top product will definitely buy again.



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