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Monstershine Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant and KWAZAR Trigger Sprayer 1.0 Ltr - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Hi-Gloss Polymer Sealant and KWAZAR Trigger Sprayer 1.0 Ltr


Hi-Gloss is a polymer sealant that creates a hydrophobic bond by filling into the pores and uneven surfaces of your entire vehicle providing a high shine and a smooth, tough protection all over from UV rays, acid rain and many other contaminants for up to 4 months. Hi-Gloss can be diluted, sprayed and buffed on to your vehicle surface with 30ml to 970ml of water or applied through a snow foam lance with 15ml to 500ml of water. Wait 8 hours and repeat for an extra layer of protection. Rinse after use. 250ml Bottle.

Reviewed here on Detailing World.

Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360 Trigger Sprayers

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product

I tried this out unsure what effects it would truly have.... well I’ve been blown away and quickly used it on all three cars within a day.

Excellent service

Excellent service and fast delivery thanks


This is a great little product, I have used it on 3 cars to date(as per You Tube Video) example I detailed my daughters VW Polo last week, this morning before she went off to work it took me 15mins to jet wash/prewash/jet wash the polymer allowed the water to run off leaving the car perfect, looked so good! Simple to amply great on cost.



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