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Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance - Monstershine Car  Care

Monstershine Pro HD Snow Foam Lance


Pressure washer lance for perfect application of snow foam.

Customers love our snow foams.  Who wouldnt? Covering your car with a layer of thick foam and leaving it to soak away the dirt is so satisfying.  Were also car cleaning perfectionists.  Weve seen that some lances arent brilliant quality, they can break or clog and need regular cleaning which is, frankly, a pain.  

We tried and rejected at least 10 different prototypes before taking on our famous orange and grey lance, which we are actually proud to say we have never had a repeat order for.  Commercial sense? possibly not - if we had made them a little less good quality or allowed them to clog up and need cleaning more regularly, we may sell a lot more. As always, we do the best for our customers, even if it means we will only ever sell you one.  

Not sure which adaptor you need?  We are experts in fittings, even if you dont know what model your pressure washer is, send us a photo and we will get the right adaptor to you.  

Use with The Ambassador or Cyclone Snow Foam for best results. 

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Customer Reviews

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This lance is superb quality I have had my lance almost 2 years now still going strong never had a problem with it at all highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap but high quality lance also not to mention the cyclone snowfoam is Fantastic great cleaning power and dwells for a very long time over 20 minuets

Snow foam lance

One of the best if not the best lances money can buy.
Sturdy, well built and no leaks.
You won’t go wrong with one of these.

Really nice!

Arrived in a day! So fantastic. Very sturdy and well built unit! Comes with ptf tape so another plus! Assembly is no problem. Overall really pleased!


Monstershine Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance

Best snow foam lance ever

I recently purchased a Monstershine snow foam lance And can honestly say it the best purchase I have made this year for my car build quality is excellent .



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