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#WaxIt Speed Wax - Monstershine Car  Care

#WaxIt Speed Wax


Fast, easy wax with no compromise on finish

This is a firm favourite for our valet customers.  Made with montan wax and added gloss enhancers, its a spray on wax that gives a beautiful crisp, clear reflection, shine and protection in a super easy and fast application.  Used alongside our Pro Valet kit products, #WaxIt will give you an amazing glossy finish in 2-3 minutes, an easy choice after every wash to keep your car looking its best.

As #Waxit is water based, you dont have to wait for a cool day to use it.  It wont bake on as you apply it during warmer weather so you can wax to a sparkling finish any time.

In true Monstershine fashion, amazing performance and protection isnt enough for us - we want to make our products brilliant to use.  #WaxIt is lime scented, giving your car a fresh scent as well as a fresh look in no time.  

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Customer Reviews

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Monstershine’s Car Care’s WaxIt

Such an easy product to use!
Easy on, easy off and leaves a great shine

Excellent For Topping Up Protection.

Firstly remember that this, like every other speed/liquid wax is for topping up or for regular applications.

Don't put this on and expect it to last months and months.

As a top up or regular spray wax it's second to none.

Throughout the winter I used this after every wash on my Lexus (min one wash every fortnight) which had a full paste/hard wax applied in October.

The protection was topped up, beading was always present and bird poo was easily removed with a spray of QD and a wipe.

Once a month my L200 was washed and every other time this was sprayed on, again beading was always present but was again fully hard/paste waxed in October.

One advantage to the spray wax was that in the gap between my cab and loadbay in the pick up was snowfoamed, rinsed (unable to wash in between due to the tiny gap) then I gave it a good spray knowing there was a level of protection in the really hard to reach places.

I also sprayed under the sills on both my cars using this after being foamed and jetwashed to help protect them from the salty roads.

Will buy again.



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