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Precision Glass Sealant - Monstershine Car  Care

Precision Glass Sealant


Apply Precision Glass Sealant to help repel water and dirt from your cars windows.

This is a little gem in our treasure trove of products. Having a build up of dirt and water sitting - or worse, drying on your windscreen can be a serious safety issue to drivers especially when the sun is low in the sky.  We like our customers to be as safe as possible when driving as well as having the most amazingly shiny cars around. Apply Precision glass sealant to your windows and watch as the hydrophobic coating makes rain roll off your windscreen, taking dirt with it.  

*Pro tip: Apply to wiper blades as well as glass to make a real difference to your windscreens.  

In Monstershine style, we have made this to last.  When applied correctly, it should only need reusing every few months rather than weeks.

For most effective application, use our 20/20 glass cleaner to fully prep your windows.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this Glass Sealant

This Glass Sealant does exactly what it claims to do, priced very well, the product should last for a long time as you don't need to use alot of product per application, might only be a small 100ml bottle but will certainly last for more than a few applications, once applied will give months of protection.



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