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What do you look for when buying a car?

When you're selling a car you are guaranteed to get tyre kickers and people more experienced than you who want to knock the price down. To maximise your cars value it has to be looking and running its best.

To begin with a thorough inspection and clean is needed. The interior should be treated to a full deep clean, just because it's a used car doesn't mean it has to look or feel used. Getting into a car you may buy should be an experience.

The engine bay and wheel arches are also a concern to prospective buyers. Having them look as clean as possible and topping up oil and washer fluid shows the signs of a well maintained vehicle and a reliable person to buy from.

Used car buyers are always wary of being conned and will err on the side of caution should they not be able to get a proper look or should they see signs of an owner who hasn't cared for their vehicle. On that note, an under the vehicle*** clean will make the difference by leaps and bounds to the most observant buyers looking for signs of rust. 

Are the headlights faded? It's relatively cheap to book a professional detailer to refinish and coat them and makes the car look like new.

Is the soft top faded? See above.

Steel wheels? Add some plastic wheel trims. A very cost effective way to improve the overall aesthetic effect. 

Faded or damaged trim? Have it wrapped.

Faded paint, scratches and stone chips can be polished out or filled in to varying effect based on budget.

The interior fabrics can often be dyed if faded. Trim darkened, glass polished. The list is endless, but just a few of these things on the right car will raise its value and could put more money in your pocket.

You should always Google common faults in your make, model and year. There could be a cheap and easy fix to a problem that would otherwise lower the value. A few rubber hoses switched can tidy up the aesthetics of the engine bay and fix a possible future fault. Again reinforcing that impression of a well maintained car.

Mechanically speaking if you're not confident you could always ask a friend for advice or go straight to a reputable local garage to see what can be done without breaking the bank. Renewing the MOT shows it's not something you're trying to get rid of and brings in the first time buyers who are less experienced. 

All of this is budget dependant of course. No sense putting 2K into a 1K car unless it's something that will make you more on the back end but there's always a few low cost fixes available.

Talk to your local detailer or come and see us at MonsterShine if you're near Glasgow. 

We can assess the car and book it in with our skilled team of professionals or we can advise and show you our selection of products and accessories you can purchase in store.


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