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So monstershine.co.uk have kindly asked me to try their new development wheel cleaner lemon ice, at first glance in the bottle I must say I was impressed with its consistency being angel like formula but still sprayable. On opening the bottle I was greeted with the most pleasant lemon scent and no noticeable chemical smell which was refreshing! My wheels have 300 miles of brake dust in them from work last night (taxi driver) and the wheels have not been sealed/waxed in quite sometime!

Instructions where to spray generously into wheel surface and allow to act for two to three mins then if required agitate with a brush which is what I did.

On spraying to wheel the gel like formula sat well on the wheels and began to break down the grime straight away but still sat in the wheel after two mins a quick very light brush broke up the deposits and the formula began to run Down the wheel without water. As its a sh*tty rainy day in Belfast today I wasn't getting the karcher out and just rinsed well with my hose, results are fantastic and this product is up there with the best I've used! Don't know any prices yet but product would deffo be worth looking out for!!


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