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8 Tips that Will Always Keep Your Car Looking Brand New


Here's a perfect guide to help out all the car detailing enthusiasts from the detailing experts at MonsterShine. Our car is a reflection of our personality. Regular maintenance will keep it in peak condition and looking its best. After all, you have bought it from your hard-earned money. It's always a wise decision to keep it in good shape and condition to extend its life span.


If you’ve found our website, we already assume that you are aware of the basics of car washing. Here we will discuss a few of the car detailing tips that you may need to focus on. Use these tips for self-care of your car.


Never ignore the interior (the highly overlooked part)


Many car enthusiasts will go beyond the limits to detail their cars paint and trim. At least many of them will always keep it clean. But when it comes to the interior, many just avoid it. The interior of the car can be kept like new. Use a quality car interior spray detailer to keep them in check. 


Do not wash cars in the direct sunlight


This is extremely important until you get very confident with your products and their limits. If used in the direct sunlight without experience you can very easily damage your car. The products will dry out quickly and become more concentrated which can cause chemical etching. If you are washing your car in direct sunlight, you will have to work very quickly or in sections or the end result will not be as expected. We offer quality all in one car washing kits. Buying the whole kit may save you money too.


Avoid using a cheap car sponge


Wash mitts are easier to maintain & use. In fact with a wash mitt, it gets really quick and easy to clean the car safely. They quickly collect all dirt from the surface and trap it within their fibres that can be shaken loose in the rinse bucket using the grit guard. But here is the catch, many car owners use cheap car wash sponges. Those cheap ones are very harsh on the car surface, they act like sandpaper. Regular usage of them ends up damaging the cars clear coat causing marring and scratching. Instead, our team suggests using something like Microfibre Wash Mitts. They are very effective and way softer than sponges.


Keep separate cleaning set for the dirtier areas


According to the Monster Shine's detailing team, having a separate cleaning set is quite important. Do not use the same towels, buckets, brushes, water, etc for the dirtier areas such as wheels, rims, lower panels, and wheel wells. You do not want to take the impurities and dirt from the lower car portion to the whole car body. Hence, always keep the tyre cleaning set separated. Explore our wheels & tyres products collection, you may find other useful tools there too.


Clean glass inside out


Cleaning the glass inside out carefully will be the best way to avoid streaks, we prefer to use 2 microfibre towels. Cleaning the glass requires quality glass cleaner and microfiber. Spray some cleaner on one cloth and wipe the glass clean. Then give the final wipe with the dry cloth to give it a final shine. We recommend using our JAW glass cloths.


How much is too much for waxing or coating?


Well, the waxing or coating of the car is quite important. It creates a layer of protection around the car body and gives it a much longer life span and shine. Monster Shine's detailing team suggests topping up protection with a quick detailer regularly. Or if you are going with the nano-coating, it lasts longer ( up to 7 years but requires proper maintenance). 


Car waxing is relatively inexpensive and is quicker to apply. Coating requires significantly more preparation and professional installation so costs more than waxing. The final choice is up to the owner.


Be aware of the surface you’re working on


While washing cars, It's always a good practice to be aware of any areas you could potentially damage by applying the wrong product. Do the wheels look like they’ve had a bad refurbishment or have they been sprayed with an aerosol without clear coat? Maybe the car has been modified and has aftermarket vinyl strips or lights. Always test small indiscriminate areas first and ask the owner if there’s any smart repairs or non factory upgrades or repairs you should be aware of .  


Use clay bar or clay mitt before machine polishing


The clay bars or mitts come handy to remove all the contamination that chemical decontamination couldn’t that have bonded with the paint. If you don’t remove this you risk your polisher picking them up and causing “pigtails”. Many use clay bars and we also have clay mitts. Be aware of the marring it can cause and be sure to correct it after.


Summing it up


We have tried covering many common questions of our shoppers in this short guide. We will continue to add detailing tips and tricks here. Feel free to visit our product collections that will surely help you out with taking care of your pride and joy. Thanks for reading. If there’s anything you’d like to see or any questions leave a comment. And we hope to see you around for our next blog posts too.



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