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Are you using the best car shampoo for your car?

Every detailer and enthusiast has heard of the 2 bucket method but are you using the right shampoo for your car? There are lots of different types but for the purpose of simplifying them I'll separate them into two categories.
Best Car Shampoo
There are "pure" shampoos and shampoos with additives or enhancers; a pure shampoo is the traditional idea of a car shampoo that is aimed at lubrication, cleaning power and concentration. Then there are types with added wax or gloss enhancers that aim to add an extra layer when washing that will add a little gloss and protection. 
Best Car Shampoo
While these are excellent and do exactly what they say they will that extra layer can affect protection you already have on the car.
For instance, if you have spent hours detailing your car and adding protection in the form of a hydrophobic wax or sealant to make maintenance easier you could actually be taking away from the hydrophobic water behaviour by adding a less hydrophobic layer on top. 
Best Car Shampoo
So...what to use and when: If you're detailing a protected car and want to clean only use a pure shampoo. If you're detailing a car without protection or with dwindling protection and you are't going to top it up that day. Consider using a shampoo with added wax.
If you're not sure which is which you could always ask the seller. In the MonsterShine range Soor Apple shampoo is our pure shampoo. 
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