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Winter Detailing - the car is dirtier than ever, the weather is colder and you want the car cleaned and protection topped up as quickly and safely as possible before you freeze doing it.  

Enter the Monstershine Winter Detailing Essential Kit - most people here know by now the time and effort we take cleaning our pride and joy, the beginning of this is a good layer of protection in the form of sealants, waxes or coatings...these not only protect your car but make cleaning easier.


Your Winter cleaning routine should include a 2 stage or more pre-wash which is all the more important with the terrible British weather. A good glass sealant for safety and increased visibility and a spray sealant to top up your protection and gloss quickly and easily. 

So...the essentials and how to use them:

  1. Citrus Wash - Pre Wash. Very versatile cleaner, check your bottle for info).
  2. Cyclone - Snow Foam. Your next stage of pre washing with more dwell time to soften the dirt.
  3. Hi Gloss - Spray Sealant. This can be used through a spray bottle or snow foam lance and then rinsed off before drying or in just about any way you get it on the car - very easy to use with instant beading and gloss.
  4. Precision - Glass Sealant. This will offer long term protection for your exterior glass offering clearer vision and at speeds above 30mph the water will bead and roll up the glass meaning less wiper use. Pro Tip: Apply 2 coats to the windscreen as it faces the elements most, apply a little to your wiper blades to prevent wiper judder. (Video of this product in the video tab).

Learn more about pre washing here.



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