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Over the winter months more and more people choose to seal their wheels and paint and opt for a regular maintenence wash. This is not only because of the cold but because of extra road salts that can cause damage and rust so after sealing you don't want to use any chemicals that could damage your protection unless you need to.

What I want to address today is the number of fallout removers being marketed as wheel cleaners. The term "acid free" is often thrown about when actually the manufacturer should be saying pH neutral so you know to find out if this product contains anything that could react with your wheels stripping protection.

The key ingredient in a fallout remover is Thioglycolic acid which bleeds red on contact with ferrous material which in this situation is mainly brake dust on wheels and paint. While this product can be pH neutral in the bottle this (active) ingredient reacts with the ferrous material becoming highly acidic (think high school chemistry pH test paper turning red).

Now while a fallout remover is an excellent product for decontamination you really don't want an acid to be in contact with your sealant, so my personal reccomendation is to go for a more gentle (maintenence wash) product like Lemon Ice Wheel Cleaner until your protection begins to wear off and needs removed and retreated anyway.

So if you're ever unsure when looking for wheel cleaners that you're being tricked by marketing look for a video of it in use and you'll see the difference. For anyone looking for a safe wheel cleaner or wheel cleaning package head to http://www.monstershine.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/lemon-ice-wheel-cleaner or alternatively http://www.monstershine.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/monstershine-wheel-cleaning-package

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