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Calculating Dilution Ratio Made Simple - Must Read

One of the most commonly asked questions on detailing groups is one of the easiest to answer. It doesn't rely on experience or a trade secret, but very simple maths. 

Detailing Products Ratio Calculator

If you really struggle with numbers a ratio calculator can be found online but once you've seen how quick and simple it can be I doubt you'll ever need to check online again. 


So let's get into it:

  • Step 1: Add the 2 sides of the ratio together. eg. 1:10, 1+10=11
  • Step 2: Find out the amount of milliletres in your chosen container. So if you have a 1 Litre bottle that is 1000ml. 
  • Step 3: Divide the container size with the ratio. In this example: 1000ml divided by 11 = 90.9ml or 91ml to simplify things. 
  • So your ratio is 91ml into a 1000ml bottle. 

Look complicated? Let's make it easier:

Don't overthink this basic stuff, it can be super easy. Imagine any ratio, as difficult as you like - 1:30 - 1:57 - 1:84 - it doesn't matter, same simple formula. Add the numbers together, divide the container size in milliletres by that number and that's your required product dilution.  

1:10 - container size (1000ml) divided by 11 - 1000/11 = 90.9ml or 91ml

1:10 - container size (500ml) - 500/11 = 45.5 or 46ml rounded up. 


A very big "AND"...I can not repeat enough, DO NOT overcomplicate things. If the ratio is 91ml to the 1000ml bottle do you think it really matters if you go a few ml on either side of that like 88ml or 95ml? 

It doesn't, in fact most brands advise you try and tweak it a little to find your desired strength based on the situation.

The world won't end, your wax will not leap off the paint and run away to live on a more deserving car and it definitely won't strip your ceramic coating regardless of how many YouTube "dEtAyLOrS" swear otherwise. 

So...next time you're worrying too much about this detailing stuff and how the internet might respond remember that if you fancy sticking in a few extra ml of snow foam to get a shaving foam effect then going for a "glug" of shampoo over the exact ratio just do it and enjoy it - how else do you think us manufacturers figured out the required ratios in the first place?

Just don't go too far outside the recommended usage and be more precise with the more aggressive cleaners. 


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    easy to follow job done

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