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Here's a simple guide to help you choose the right wax for your car. Every car owner invests a lot of money to buy a car but often forgets to maintain and care for it. At MonsterShine, it’s our responsibility to properly take care of them and especially not ignore washing and waxing.

Want to give your car a really nice deep shine? One way is to apply a wax after cleaning your car. Car wax is a product that protects your car paint from the elements while simultaneously making it look better. Want to know how to wax a car? Keep reading.

4 Steps For A Perfect Car Waxing

Step1: Wash the Car Completely

Wash the Car Completely

Before applying wax on your car carry out a proper safe wash and decontamination; pre wash, 2 bucket wash, tar removal, fallout removal and dry. We actually offer detailing training days at our unit in Glasgow to help teach this in groups or one-to-one.

Step2: Applying Wax

Applying Wax

After completing the wash process on your car it's ready for waxing. Apply in thin even layers (you want to be hardly able to see it on the paint it’s so thin) a panel at a time. Sometimes using a damp applicator can make this easier. Carry out a cure test (explained below) before removing. 

Step3: Remove Wax from the Car

Remove Wax from the Car

To find out when a wax is ready to remove we carry out a “cure test” or “swipe test”. This is when you place a microfibre towel over your finger and swipe the waxed area. If it leaves a residue and feels grabby give it a little longer and test again, if it comes away clean the wax is ready to remove. Buff lightly with a low pile microfibre towel, I prefer our blue edgeless towels for this, until it has all been removed. You could also go round with a quick detailer to help remove any harder to remove areas but most modern waxes will not require this. Our Ceramic Wax and Dominator Hybrid Wax are so easy to a child could apply and remove them in minutes and they leave excellent gloss and protection.  

Step4: Extra Steps For Extra Shine or Durability

Extra Steps For Extra Shine or Durability

After cleaning and decontamination some people will go further with a hand polish, claying or even paint correction with machine polishers to make the paint look even better. If you’re not confident going that far or would prefer an easier option try applying our GlossLock Sealer Glaze before waxing, wait a few hours to allow it to bond if you can and then apply one of our waxes on top.  

The Wrap Up

Now that you know exactly how to wax your car, pick up all the products you need at Monstershine Car Care and dedicate a few hours to making your car look better than ever before - or even book in with us and we’ll do it for you. We always suggest waxing your car regularly. 

Thanks for reading. 

And we hope to see you around for our next blog posts too.


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