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How to make your own car wax, or perhaps I should have worded the title "How to have your own car wax made" as that's what we're really discussing.
Cream Soda Custom Car Wax - Gift For Men and Women - Gift for a car lover
At Monstershine we love all things waxy, we can't get enough of it. With me being the resident wax geek I regularly take on side projects for people, car clubs and businesses making whatever whimsical creations they can imagine up.
How to make a car wax - Custom Car Wax
So we'll start with the "what" - you have decided you want a wax, but not just any wax, your very own wax made specifically for you or as a gift for a car lover. With a specific purpose, fragrance, colour scheme and even a custom label.
How to make a car wax - Gift ideas for a car lover
How do you get that? - Get in touch with us for an informal chat, we can discuss what you want and then I'll try and hunt down the specific items to match your ideas. Once I've done that I'll get back to you with a quote, take a small deposit  and offer an approximate timeline.
How to make a car wax - Gift ideas for a car enthusiast
If you like we can even take some photos of the process for you to show as part of the gift or to show off to your car club how much work went into getting their wax made.
How to make a car wax
It can often take multiple blends and tests to get your wax just right but I'll keep at it until I get it up to my high standards.
 Custom car club wax - How to make your own wax
TopDeadCentre Car Club Show Wax
Car club wax - Custom made
One of their members testing on his car.
How to make a car wax - Gift ideas
Mirror-like reflection with an intense depth and clarity. 
How to make a car wax - gift ideas for a car lover
Slick glossy finish.
How to make a car wax - custom car wax
Contact Us to discuss having your custom wax made.
how to make a car wax - deep glossy reflection shot


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