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Why won't my dressings last longer than a week?

Follow these 3 easy steps that will change your (detailing) life.


1. Are the tyres clean...really clean? Spray a little wheel cleaner or APC (or diluted Citrus Wash) on your tyres and get a good firm brush and give them a proper scrub until they're foaming up. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Cleaning Tyres - Car Detailing - Tyre Dressing


2. Are you using solvent or water based dressings? Most dressings will work on anything, but if you find you're having no luck with one, try another. For instance; our  Aqua Gloss is a solvent based dressing meaning it's quite oily and glossy whereas Slick is water based and gives a more satin finish unless you use multiple layers. Water based tend to be a little less messy and less likely to sling.


3. How are you applying your dressings? Really it doesn't matter how you apply them, PROVIDED YOU LET THEM DRY. If you know you're going to drive off 2 minutes later don't apply by paint brush, it will sling off. Try using a microfibre applicator that will absorb the excess preventing sling. Aim to get the tyre dressing stage done as early in the detail as possible so it allows a little drying time, that way you can even add a second layer to increase durability.

Tyre Dressing 50/50 - Slick Tyre Shine Monstershine Car Care

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