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New product below!


  • No7 Whisky Snow Foam - No.7 is a whisky scented alkaline snow foam that packs a whallop. Use 100ml in a 1 Litre snow foam bottle (or even less in a low pressure sprayer) to strip off the worst grime while leaving your paint, trim and wax safe.
  • Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner - Tired of the prep, streaks and finnicky nature of traditional glass sealants? NO MORE! Grab a bottle of this to try and see how easy sealing your glass can be! 
  • Stain Remover - designed with some clever surfactants to break down proteins, oils and grime that cause stains, allowing them to be safely extracted. Safe for general fabric cleaning or deeper stain removal.
  • ??? - a biocidal fabric cleaner designed to break down mould and stains leaving a fresh and sanitised interior. For light or deep cleaning and excellent when used in conjunction with our Stain Remover. Safe for use on leather. Not yet released but will be ready to go soon once labelling is completed.

  • Ceramic ShampooTop up your protection and clean the car in one step with this super slick, luxurious shampoo. Watch as areas that were losing their hydrophobic water behaviour are instantly restored. 
  • Clay Blocks - cut the amount of time spent claying substantially with these! Made with a semi firm foam backing these blocks are perfect for claying large flat areas with even pressure and removal unlike mitts or towels. A clay bar is still excellent for the tight areas but once you try these you'll be converted. Rinse clean in your wash bucket and use it again next time.
  • Wheel Mates - handy wheel mitts with a pointed tip and rougher side so it can get into the tighter areas and tackle the tougher marks. Also quite handy as an applicator or as an interior scrubber.
  • Drill Brushes - soft, medium and hard colour coded brushes that can be attached to a drill to save all the hard scrubbing work. A real gamechanger to the seasoned detailers and people with chronic pains to reduce repetitive strain injuries and fatigue. 
  • Drying Towels - our popular Humpfrey the Camel Drying Towels are back. Super soft and absorbent. Pro Tip: extend the life of drying towels and other microfibres by intermittently hand washing in white wine vinegar with warm water. Plenty of other accessories back in stock too such as wash mitts and microfibre towels!


There are many more products still in development. Why not leave a comment below with what you'd like to see? A new type or smell of air freshener? An unusual style of wax? Comment below.





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