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  • Does it take you 4-6 hours to prep a car for correction? 🚫

  • Have you ever been stuck on a panel for hours with a DA? 🤯

  • Are you unsure why you don't seem to get the same results as other detailers? 😩


Talk to us about our one to one training day aimed at covering the skills and techniques that can help a professional or confident enthusiast become more efficient.


The main focus will be the use of rotary compounding and polishing techniques using a range of different machines and pads until you're confident with them. Then looking at different protection products including ceramics.


We can focus on any area you want to spend time on and offer continued support privately and through our Facebook group filled with other enthusiasts and professionals who've trained with us.


Get in touch with us today through the "contact us" section to have a chat about how we can customise a training day to you so you get the most out of it.


We highly reccomend you attend our basic training day before booking this course unless you're already proficient in the skills taught there.


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