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10 easy steps for detailing your cars paintwork

We've spent years offering detailing products, services and training to everyone from the weekend warrior to the seasoned pro looking to learn a few new techniques. There are lots of ways to detail your car and the more time you spend learning about products the more confusing it can get. so we've written these 10 easy steps that will give you the basics.

Our Detailing Starter Kit

Step 1: Rinse the car using a pressure washer, get off as much loose surface dirt as possible.

Step 2: Prewash using a spray bottle or low pressure foamer. Apply a mix of Citrus Wash or TFR to your vehicle all over and allow to dwell. This will strip traffic film and help break down bug splatter but will not strip protection as some believe. After being allowed to dwell for a few minutes, rinse this off methodically with your pressure washer. 

Step 3: Snow foam your car using one of our Pro HD Snow Foam Lances. This serves to soften any remaining dirt and grime on your paint (like steeping your dishes) making the next step easier. Once this has dwelled for 7-10 minutes rinse off with your pressure washer. (Don't know which lance you need? Contact us to ask).

Step 4: Wash your car using a wash mitt (never a sponge), a quality car shampoo and 2 buckets with grit guards. Make sure you are methodical and thorough, because of the previous steps this should be easier than it ever has been before. Rinse after washing.

Step 5: Tar removal. Remove tar deposits by applying a tar and glue remover to a microfibre towel and wiping gently over the paint, paying special attention to any stubborn areas. Avoid lights, trim and any aftermarket parts or areas you've repaired yourself as they may not be clear coated to protect them.

Step 6: Iron removal. In the industry we refer to the product used as a fallout remover. Spray liberally all over the paint, don't worry as it starts to turn red or a deep purple, this is the desired effect. Allow to react for a few minutes then rinse off thoroughly, reapplying to any areas that reacted the most and rinsing thoroughly after.

Step 7: Claying. To remove the final embedded contaminants and get a glassy smooth finish we use a clay bar with a lubricant. Cut a small section from your clay bar and mould it between your hands into a small pad and mix a little water with our Soor Apple shampoo in a spray bottle to use as a lubricant. Spray a section of the car and lightly rub the clay pad over the paint until it feels smooth. Continue this process over all the cars paint. Wash the car again using step 4 to fully clean off any remaining contaminants and rinse thoroughly. 

Step 8: Dry. Use a microfibre towel and/or forced air to dry the paintwork. 

Step 9: Polish the car using our GlossLock Sealer Glaze. After buffing off, allow an hour at least before applying protection.

Step 10: Protect the car using a high quality wax.

Watch it done by us here: 

We offer all sorts of wash kits and training to anyone interested as well as trade accounts to professionals. Feel free to contact us or come by the shop for a chat. 

Enjoyed this blog? More blogs and how-to's coming soon...if you struggled with some of the terminology why not click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

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