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How are you protecting your car this winter?
Road salt, snow, grit and slush are the ruin of every car during winter. 
Impossible to keep clean and if you don't you're just asking for premature rusting and damage.
Not, when you book in for a Winter Protection Detail at Monstershine Car Care; we will deep clean your cars paint and add protective coatings to make your car easy to clean and safe from the elements!
Winter Protection Detail - Paint Protection Scotland
Our winter protection detail includes:
  • Deep cleaning of exterior surfaces
  • Tar removal
  • Fallout removal
  • Euphoria paint protection 6 month coating - all for £100
Freebie - glass protected!
Add ons:
  • Gloss enhancing machine polish - £100*
  • Nirvana and Euphoria coating layered (12-18months) - £50*
  • Interior Valet - £30
*Freebie - wheels protected and 6 month health check including protection maintenance and top up.
Contact us now to discuss your options or call 0141-266-0048


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