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When it comes to car care, many car owners never go above the regular car wash and this is what kills the look & feel of your car. Within a few years, the car starts feeling like a mess and they end up selling for less than it could be worth. Well, this situation can be avoided with thorough car detailing. 

What is car detailing?

"Car detailing" is not some buzzword. It is just regular car washing with some extra efforts to make your car stay cleaner & shinier inside-out. Detailing can be carried out on almost every exterior & interior part of the car. 

There are several cleansers, sprays, tools, etc are available that can be used to retain the car's look. And make it seem brand new for as long as possible. 

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing is thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, and polishing all exterior surfaces using a selection of products and tools that will help you go so much further than you could with “old school” household car products.

And then to finish the detail and protect the car waxes, sealants, and detail sprays are used to protect the paint, trim, and wheels increasing the car’s lifespan and helping to maintain its value.

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning is just as important as the exterior. All the trim, carpets, fabrics and leather needs to be cleaned and protected to prolong life and avoid staining or wear prematurely. When booked in with us we use tools most households won’t have access to that allow us to carry out a deeper clean. 

Removal of scratches and swirls to have brand new look & feel

The car detailing is not just a regular car washing. It is quite more than that. After washing, it includes a lot of things that retain the look & feel of the car. A lot of the little scratches and swirls on the car can be reduced or even removed entirely if booked in for paint enhancement.  

Only after carefully carrying out all the deep cleaning steps the car will get a clay bar treatment to make the paint as smooth as glass. Then an experienced technician will machine polish the paint - restoring clarity, depth, and gloss.

It protects the car's paint the right way

Just the removal of scratches and swirls are not enough to protect the paint from all the effects of the environment. It is important to apply a coating or protective layer to protect from the elements and make it easier to maintain. 

The detailing team of MonsterShine recommends a wax coat or ceramic coating. A wax coat can last for about 2-12 months depending on the choice of wax and maintenance.  A ceramic coating is longer-lasting. One application can last for years (although will require a bi-annual health check to maintain it).  

Better resell value of the car

Car with multiple scratches, stains, swirls, streaks, washed-out paint, nasty interior, etc affects a lot on the overall car's value. Having a clean, neat, shiny, well-maintained car will pay off in the long run. Any buyer will pay more for a well-maintained car. 


Car detailing is getting bigger and bigger in the UK. Car enthusiasts are getting very serious about car detailing. Any car is is an investment that will make you feel proud.  You have bought it with your hard-earned money. There are a lot of memories and sentiments attached to it. At the end of the day, it always feels good to drive a car that is well maintained and looks & feels exactly like brand new. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of car detailing. If you have any queries or doubts regarding car detailing, feel free to email the team of Monster Shine at sales@monstershine.co.uk or give a ring on 0141 266 0048. Thanks for reading!


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