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If you haven't protected your car yet, what are you waiting for?

Best Ceramic Wax - 12 Month Durability
It's "Winter Prep" time and you need some durable protection to make cleaning easier and keep the elements at bay. But you don't just want any old protection, you want the best of the best - why else would you be here?
When we try a wax we look for 7 things: 
  1. Ease of application - is it slick, does it spread well?
  2. Scent - is it pleasant and free of that strong solvent smell some have?
  3. Curing time - is it too fast or slow, can it be left for a while?
  4. Ease of removal - can it be removed easily, even when left a little longer than planned or in direct sunlight?
  5. Finish - is there a genuine improvement in gloss and finish?
  6. Water behaviour - does it have nice beading and fast sheeting?
  7. Durability - does it last? 
For all of the above the answer is a resounding YES with our Ceramic Wax!
This wax is blended with SiO2, the finest carnauba wax and other waxes to give excellent slip for ease of use, a deep glossy finish, impressive water behaviour - nice tight beading and fast sheeting. The hydrophobic nature of the wax aids in cleaning and drying and most importantly is extremely durable.
Best Ceramic Wax - 12 Months Durability
Realistically, when properly prepped it should last 12 months.
Best Ceramic Wax - 12 months durability
But don't just take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say:
5* - "The durability is incredible and the beading is crazy"
5* - "One of the best waxes I have used"..."the finish it leaves is flawless with incredible gloss and the water behaviour is fantastic with nice tight beading"
5* - "easy to apply and a little goes a long way"
5* - "I love the gloss look that this gives, my car got absolutely filthy from a show, straight after a snow foam and dried the paint work was still like a glass underneath all that dirt and grime."
5* - "Easy to apply and remove"
Many other companies will focus on expensive branding and packaging which raises the price and stops the average enthusiast or consumer from investing in it.
While we love a well presented product and a collectors edition wax we decided to make this one minimalist in terms of packaging and focus all our energy and budget on getting the best ceramic wax we could for you. 
Every wax sent out will be in a sleek black tin in a slide out box with instructions (not that you could get much wrong with this one, it's so easy to use). 
Best Ceramic Wax - 12 Month Wax
At just £16.00 per pot of this high end ceramic wax (that I guarantee will rival the expensive ones and other market leaders) you'd be a fool not to try it...


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