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If any industry has really exploded in size during the chaos that is 2020 it is the car valeting and detailing industry. 

More and more people are learning about the value of car detailing and ceramic coatings that previously used cheaper roadside car washes and dealership level coatings. Due to relatively low set up costs and the desire for a side earner, what was previously a small market of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals is now becoming saturated at all levels.
So how do you know who is really making the effort to detail your car to a professional standard and who is just out to capitalise on the current market growth?
Car Valeting and Detailing Glasgow
Well here I'll try and offer a bit of a guide of what to look for to make sure you're getting your money's worth when hiring a detailer.


1. First and foremost - pre-washing - if your valeter or detailer doesn't chemically soften, loosen and rinse away excess dirt, grime and hard particles before washing then agitates it over the paintwork they're essentially using those particles in the same way sandpaper is used. Easy to imagine how that can cause scratching right away. Yes, the car below is a real customers car that came into us for paint correction. 
Valeting and Detailing Glasgow - Why Choose Us?


2. The next thing to watch out for is "wash media" meaning what is used to physically wash and dry your car. Sponges and chamois are out, they hold dirt directly on the surface creating the sandpaper effect mentioned above. The modern valeter or detailer will use wash mitts or pads made in a way that encapsulates any dirt in its fibres which is then safely removed between sections using the "2 bucket method" with grit guards. These will be rinsed out between cars. In reality all contact is bad contact when it comes to paint but this is an industry recognised safe working practice almost everyone agrees on.
Car Valeting Glasgow
3. Pricing - is the pricing sustainable and realistic? If it looks too good to be true...it usually is. Industry terms like "x stage paint correction" or "x hardness coating" are often used in conjunction with deals that are cheaper than what seem possible compared to the competition, be sure to check that you're not being sold on gimmicks and shortcuts or your next "3 stage paint correction and 10H coating for £100" that only takes a days labour could end up costing you a lot more having it fixed...or even in need of a respray.
See our Services and Ceramic Coatings sections of the website to see the time, work and pricing for this kind of work. We assess and price each vehicle individually based on what it needs and the customers budget. All pricings are guidelines - we pride ourselves on offering a premium, bespoke service tailored to your needs. 


4. Probably the easiest thing you can check is "social proof" - reviews from previous customers, social media profiles... "is this a real, active company that you can check out?" If you're unsure of why something maybe costs a little more than you expected feel free to phone up and ask why. A professional in the industry should be willing and happy to explain why their service is worth a little extra and help with all concerns. For an example of what to look for I will list our reviews and social media profiles below:

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Car Detailing and Valeting Glasgow



If you'd like to speak to us about our valeting and detailing services or book in here at our unit in Glasgow feel free to call, email or contact us and ask any questions you may have. 
We offer all kinds of services from basic safe washing and mini valets to full interior deep cleans, scent removal, scratch removal, paint correction and ceramic coatings.
We have a walk in shop/waiting room with a wide range of products and accessories as well as some extremely popular air fresheners.
Valeting and detailing training is also available in our training section.





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