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A lot of car owners make car cleaning a very tedious task. They spend hours washing their car and still do not get the desired results due to the wrong techniques, procedures, and lack of knowledge and in many cases, they even end up damaging the car paint.

Hence to help out the car enthusiasts in retaining the cars look & feel, we have come up with this detailed guide.

How often should I wash it?

Many car owners ask this question a lot. There is so much confusion around it. Many experts say that the car should be washed once every week or fortnight. But our take on it would be, if your car is dirty, it needs to be washed. There is nothing associated with time. 

The tar,  fallout, and all other filthy particles on the car will get tightly bonded with the paint and it ends up damaging the exterior of the car (see our decontamination products). Keeping them for longer on the car affects a lot on the overall life span of the car paint. Hence you should clean your car if it is dirty. 

What products & tools do I need to clean my car?

Well, yes. There are zillions of products & tools available on the internet with their own characteristics and function. But if you conduct cleaning for the regular maintenance of your car or if you are car enthusiasts too, we have a few varieties of options. 

Visit our washing product kit collection. There are several deals available. Now lets discuss the cleaning method that will not damage the paint.

  • Try and park out of direct sunlight wherever possible to avoid heat, pre rinse the car to cool it and shift any loose dirt and debris.
  • Rinse off the whole car with the water mixed with mild soap or shampoo and clean it with the microfiber or sponge. 
  • Pre-wash with Citrus Wash and then Cyclone Snow Foam then use our Soor Apple shampoo with a wash mitt and the 2 bucket method.
  • And make sure that the tyres and arches are being cleaned with a brush, The bucket for the wheels should also be kept separately.
  • Dry thoroughly with a proper drying towel or forced air, using our Hybrid Detailer as a drying aid will make it easier and help to prevent water spots and streaks. 

A few car cleaning mistakes that must be avoided

The process of properly cleaning your car has been covered, now here are the car cleaning mistakes that may hurt your paint.

Do not use hard detergents or dish soap to wash your car. They are not made specifically for car cleaning. They are very harsh on the paint and trim. 

Avoid washing the car in the direct sunlight. The products will dry off quickly and they will fail to deliver the expected outcomes  This can also lead to watermarks and streaks as well as chemical etching. 

Always use a separate cleaning set for wheels and tires They are the dirtiest parts of your car. You do not want the dirt and mud being transferred to the upper body of the car. 

And the last pro tip, do not clean leather interiors with  APC or harsh cleaners. Those cleaners may damage the leather. Instead, use specialized leather cleaning products.

The bottom line

Car cleaning is not just a job it's a passion. Keep in mind all the tricks & tips mentioned above while cleaning your car. Always keep it clean, neat, and shiny. Taking it to a professional is also crucial. Let the experts do their job once in a while. I hope this guide will help you understand all the mistakes we make while cleaning.

Still, have any doubts regarding the cleaning? Call us on 0141 266 0048 or get in touch with us at sales@monstershine.co.uk. There are many other guides also available in the blog section of the website. Feel free to refer them too. Thanks for reading!!


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