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What do you need besides the buzzwords? I could go on a long spiel explaining exactly why it is as good as it is...but does anyone really care? 

  • Durable - YES!
  • Hydrophobic Water Behaviour - YES!
  • Easy to Use - YES!

Give it a try and review it based on how it works for you, not the marketing terms that convinced you to buy it. 

Yes, it really is:

- durable, expect at least 4 months durability,

- hydrophobic, nice beads, very fast sheeting,

- easy to use? See below for tips that makes any wax easy to use, not just this one. 

Application: apply to a panel, as thinly as possible (you should struggle to see it's on there) no thick layers. If that is difficult try using a damp applicator.

Removal: Once one panel is done, wait 5-10 minutes, place a microfibre towel over your finger and swipe the panel. If it comes away clean the wax is ready to come off, if it leaves an oily film it isn't, give it another few minutes and try again. Some waxes can be left on quite a while before needing removed and others need to be done a panel at a time. Do this test every time and you'll never struggle applying waxes again.

Layering: Wait at least a few hours between layers of wax, otherwise the solvents will just break down the previous layer. Ideally 8 hours. 

Curing: Want to see some cool beading and sheeting? Well be patient. If you hit a freshly applied wax with your pressure washer then you will be lowering the chances of extended durability. A bit of rain won't hurt but if you start flooding panels or hitting them with high pressure water before curing then it hasn't had a chance to become fully hard and resistant yet. 

What's in it?: Does it matter? Rate it on performance not buzzwords. We welcome honest feedback.


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