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Fall in love with your car...all over again!

Car detailing as an industry is growing like never before. The number of real care enthusiasts is growing every day. Why do I need to take it to the detailers? Why a regular car wash isn't just enough? Well, there are various reasons.
Car detailing is not just your regular car wash. Yes, it involves washing, but there is so much more to it washing is just a little part of it. The real work of the detailers starts before washing it.

Let's clear the basics first

Before discussing the benefits of car detailing, let’s cover the basics first. The car will get a citrus wash and a snow foam pre-wash. Next it will get a 2 bucket wash using grit guards, a well lubricated shampoo and a wash mitt designed to encapsulate dirt, removing it safely from the surface, unlike a sponge. After this tar spots and brake dust that can cause rust are removed chemically.
Then your detailer will remove all the tightly bonded dirt & dust from the car paint using a clay mitt or clay bar. Then the swirls and scratches that aren’t too deep can then be removed with precise polishing and sanding so your car’s paint will be restored to a glossy shine. It can be protected with a coating of wax or a ceramic coating can be applied. The final result can look like a showroom finish...or better.
The interior of the car can also be thoroughly deep cleaned. The cushions, leatherwork, carpets, trunk, vents, and other parts will be cleaned thoroughly. Special products, tools, cleansers, etc will be used. And finally one of our air fresheners with your choice of fragrance will be sprayed inside. The wheel faces will also receive precise cleaning. 
Now you are aware of the basics of car detailing let us discuss its benefits to you as a customer.


The increased market value

Detailing your car adds a lot to the look & feel of the interior as well as the exterior of the car. The appearance of the car can be retained just like when it was bought.  Coatings on the glass will also add a lot to the overall feel of the driving by improving clarity and reducing the need for window wipers. 
Any 2nd hand car buyer will notice how well it has been maintained, one of the first things they check. If the car still looks & feel the same as new...value goes up. Any experienced car detailing team focuses on every small detail. The quality of a fresh detail never fails to amaze.


Easier to maintain your car - or we can maintain it for you

During the detailing process, the car paint is polished in stages to diminish or remove the scratches and swirls wherever possible. And most importantly, the paint can be ceramic coated and seal on all surfaces, in and out. A coating of wax or ceramic protects your car paint from all the environmental effects. 
These coatings are UV and chemical resistant and protect your car from the elements where others will fade and deteriorate. We do advise you follow our aftercare process after any detail to maintain this…(ask us if you’d like our detailers to maintain it for you either at our unit or by our mobile team)

Extend the life span of your interior

When poorly maintained the interior can quickly become stained, worn and often pick up hard to shift smells.
It affects the life of fabric, leather work, and longevity of the other parts of the car too.  Our car detailers take care of all such tiniest detail inside the car and will quote to remove as much damage as possible to bring it back to life.
The leather work receives the treatment that it deserves. The carpets & boot of the car also receives a thorough cleaning. It involves cleaning with a lot of scrubbing, brushing, vacuuming, usage of specialist products, and tools to get a fresh feeling for the owner.  As a final touch  we spray a fragrance of your choice to give your car a brand new feel.

Your car is not just a machine, it's a book of memories

For many owners, the car is not just an ordinary machine. It's a passion for them. They will do everything in their power to keep it at its best. The feeling of driving a well-maintained car is priceless. The car will help you create so many family moments, memories of long drives, night outs. There will be many fond memories associated with your car. It is an extension of yourself and its image reflects yours. The condition & look of the car will always be worth maintaining


We hope this guide helps you understand the importance of car detailing. For any queries related to car detailing, feel free to call us on 0141 266 0048 or email us at sales@monstershine.co.uk. Thanks for reading!!


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